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Culture: Let’s Talk Entertainment

There is much buzz about shows, films and simple entertainment news, which sometimes is a fun topic to discuss and exchange opinions about – and so here is mine – about…

In Comedy Tune In

Schitt’s Creek on Netflix or any other means of streaming in your part of the world. I could not stop laughing – no matter what the episode entailed for straight five seasons

Fleabag – On my… on season 2 but not before watching season 1 of course

Period Series For This Fall

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3. But watch 1 and 2 to be ready for what’s ahead

The long awaited The CROWN – season 3 – but I do miss the cast from 1 and 2

Upcoming Movies from Books

have you read the books?  

What are you looking forward to? Or what shows have you seen on television and recommend?

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