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Things That Got Me Smiling Today

I’m often looking for inspiration in sorts – for my novel, for a few moments of hope, for a party I am planning, and even for simple update to my home decor – not a second goes by, well maybe a few seconds, that I don’t smile at the most beautiful of things online.

Just to give you a glimpse of what’s got me smiling today…

Wouldn’t this setting be lovely for afternoon tea and wonderful conversation?

Just when I second-guessed my bookshelf and considered a downsize in all things paperback, I see this lovely and fall back in love with my approach to bookshelf decor

The best part of July 4th and all things FAIRGROUNDs across the U.S. is corn on cob – and these variations are something we all need to copy to up the cob experience 🙂

Are you in need of indoor planting? Here’s some ideas to spruce up the boring

if chic in decor you are looking for, then look no further – go bold with pops of color and patterns

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