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Summer Swimsuits and Sunscreens and Oh That Hat

Summer is in full swing – and I am planning a getaway for a few days, to celebrate, or better yet to reflect upon a few upcoming challenges, and how to best proceed. I do this a lot, where I need a week or so to simply disconnect from the day to day and regroup myself.  I am looking forward to the next six months, but for now a couple of days in the country is much needed.

But even the getaway doesn’t exclude some anxiety and stress. Such as in my case, I am highly allergic to mosquito bites and tend to get very sick, which sucks for someone who loves the outdoors. So I stocked up on all sorts of ways to protect myself, even buying and hauling a mosquito repellent candle.

Besides that, my next anxiety is the usual one for most women who are very conscious about their body when it comes to swimsuits. The fit, the look, the style, and most of all the comfort.  I recall once when wearing a one piece, decades ago, at a beach where nudity or going topless is a way of life and someone complimenting me for ‘leaving some things to the imagination’  he said, ‘it was most refreshing.’  The young woman that I was, I simply giggled. 🙂

Anyway, I have since, stuck to one piece swimsuits and find them to be the best of all the requirements. Here are some of my favorites:


Next up, face cream – past the generic all-body sunscreen – which I never thought was better to use a separate face cream to protect the most sensitive parts of your body. I used to use tanning oil, which was a big mistake since it took a toll on my face. And I spent the last decade helping my skin heal. So, now I don’t go out into the sun with applying facial sunscreen. Here are some suggestions:

And then there is the hat…and more

What are you waiting for – get out and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea and report back to me 😉

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