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Lifestyle: Best of Coffee Across America

This morning while commuting to work, a woman got on the train and sat next to me and all I could focus on is the beautiful smell of coffee, and from the to-go cup, I couldn’t tell who and where she got it from. It didn’t smell like Starbucks or Pete’s but a brew so unique, I am kicking myself for not finding out what it was.

On Friday while walking to the neighborhood grocers, I noticed a long line in front of a mom-and-pop coffee shop where my mother gets her blend especially made, and the beans bagged on the spot, and I smiled at the sign proudly announcing how they have been a neighborhood coffee house for over 50 years, and to be truthful, a part of our family for just that long.

All this got me thinking about coffee shops, and how is it that they thrive no matter where. Of course opening up my own coffee shop has been a dream for the longest time and until then, here’s the best of coffee across America – in my opinion, a bucket list worthy.  Now, although this little gem in San Francisco did not make the list, I highly recommend a visit

archtypecofee- Omaha Nebraska

east pole coffee co – atlanta georgia

Kona coffee hawaii

nektar coffee Boise, Idaho


In case you are not a coffee drinker, and really don’t have any idea where to start, like me decades ago, then here’s a list of useful tips to consider 


{featured image source from my favorite coffee house}

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