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Thoughts About the Underworld

As I mentioned before, our company decided to move office locations in the city to combat the unreasonable increase in our lease renewal in San Francisco.  At the moment the demand is high here in tech-city extension, I call it – after Silicon Valley.  So, we had no choice but to move to a new office space – in the underground. Which I am still having trouble getting used to. But you know what happened to me as a result of being eight hours in the deep darkened space with no natural light or air?  I have changed my mind about…the underworld places around the world I wanted to see.  I am no longer interested, now that I realize I do not like the idea of not having a quick escape, but nevertheless here they are for your consideration.

Southern Norway largest underwater restaurant

The underwater restaurant in Maldives Hurawalhi 5.8

Jule’s Undersea lodge

Local Edition Bar in San Francisco where I spent many happy hour gatherings

Frog and Underground Paris Bar

Turnstyle Underground Market – New York


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