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Do You Ever Think…?

There are constants reminders to be and do positive things, or the need to think of yourself a winner, or how to be the best person you can ever be, and well, even the suggestion to persevere no matter how difficult the road ahead.

This got me thinking to see the glass half full this morning – or to some of you perhaps, filled to the rim 🙂

Enjoy my craziness.

I do wonder if that step one attempts to take, is it in the right direction at the time when one is considering to take that step? And if a small step in the right direction always leads to the best? Then the best message is – sometimes taking a step in any direction might lead to the biggest step in your life.

and requires complete dedication and the will to remain in that mode no matter what life throws in your direction

But how will they realize they need to change their behavior if everyone walks away… 🙂 Or the idea here is that, they never will? So it’s best to leave it be

Have you tried this idea? stroll around aimlessly – this concept does wonders. I know, I practice this every chance I get


But what if grace is the key to a better world?

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What book are you reading now? I am reading Inheritance by Dani Shapiro 

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