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Fun Coats For Her – Valentine’s Day Gift or Otherwise

January gave us all the much needed break from the stress of gifting, and now that we’ve all recovered well 😉 – let us proceed to the Valentine’s Day frenzy of finding the perfect gift for the woman in search of a winter coat or jacket to add to her collection:

Who doesn’t love a camel coat

Or Plaid is a styling wear for sure

quilted is in, leather is a plus, trench-coat why yes please

This one I own and love every stitch of it – ALLPROOF PARKA

Fun wear – ski or a sporting event – this is the coat she’ll swoon over

Niiiice and surely a fashionable addition to any wardrobe

My weekend wear – warmest jacket and stylish for sure

For yoga or a grocery-store run – this is the one that will take her from the cold of winter to almost spring days

Nicely put – date night, movie night or just cocktails with the ladies

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