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How Invested Are You…

I was just thinking while reading this article, if invested is the new obsessed. You know when you spend hours in research, or insist on something you’ve been accustomed to for decades or dedicate, simply put, way too much time…I ask how invested (obsessed) are you?

How can you tell if you are too emotionally obsessed at work?

{photo source here}

Are family traditions important and should we be obsessed to carry them on

Would you insist on a real tree or opt for an imitation?

Here’s my favorite – I’ve always been told I am too obsessed with film-making news – and maybe I am, but I can’t help share what is detailed about The Crown season 3 here

Topics around Natalie Wood’s untimely death have resurfaced again – and I wonder at what point is justice brought to anything that’s happened so long ago. I am not downplaying any traumatic event – but simply wondering how long should the aftermath last involving unsolved mysteries. 

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