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Holiday Series: Decoration Trends for 2018

Not a minute past Thanksgiving, in the United States, do the residents of this nation run to the malls for – what is known as black Friday shopping – for deals and ideas on Christmas decor and gifts and even a few goodies on deep discount for themselves. I remember the frenzy when I worked retail, the mall opening at the crack of dawn and the crowds rushing about to be the first at grabbing all things on display. I was very young and found the whole exercise amusing then, being behind the counter.  But now, it is a series undertaking – to commence black Friday at 6 p.m. the night before, right after the family Thanksgiving dinner.  I guess retailers realized not everyone honors the feast.

So, in honor of black Friday or maybe even for those excited to get the holiday decorating started – here’s some ideas for 2018:

Chrystal tree for the front of the house

I am loving this over-sized lawn ornaments

Simple tree decor

For the apartment window or just any window

And the tiny potted tree for the small space you call your home – like me

And lastly – my favorite – advent calendar which is recommended for the man in your life but I find it the perfect unisex option – you know the ones with kids away in college or otherwise married.

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