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Lifestyle: Countries That Have Best Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a thing promoted  in recent years in San Francisco, mostly in the tech world,  where the typical work hours are being eliminated, as well as accrued time-off and in  place, the chance for the employee to design their own work schedule, providing that timelines are met, and open-ended off-hours, where some places do not even require reporting.

I am a fan. Because I think this type of culture, encourages responsible people – see how I qualified that – to be committed to their jobs and even more productive than when it is demanded of them to be available at a more regimented shift or work schedule.  Kind of like reverse psychology. On the other hand, the irresponsible ones do nothing but take advantage of the flexibility. But I suppose there is always a price to pay for every positive attempt at realigning culture in a society.

So, in case your part of the world doesn’t seem interested in the work-life balance approach to business – and you are too forward a thinker to stay around and wait for reform, then here is a list of countries that have the best work-life balance opportunities should you be interested in relocating:

Recommended read by your’s truly and others if the topic interests you

How important is work-life balance in your lifestyle?

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist or a forward thinker?

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