Lifestyle: For the Wine Lover

I realized I haven’t yet ventured out to Napa for the Fall season. Meaning, I go four times a year, once in late winter, mid Spring, anytime summer, and a trip in October for a glimpse of the harvest season . I love capturing photos of the colorful vineyards blanketing  the rolling hills and acres of land surrounding the perfectly maintained villas.

So, from one wine lover to another, I share with you a list of eight vineyard homes that are available to move into apparently.  Except of course the ones I’ve put a claim on…

My second home, naturally – Napa, California
My only for business home – St. Helena, California
My vacation home – Chianti, Italy
Roseburg, Oregon
Sonoma, California
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Warren, Connecticut

Do you have a local favorite winery? Mine are here, here, and here to help introduce you to the pop culture.

If you are new to the art of wine appreciation – here’s a list of 100 wine recommendations for 2018 



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