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Travel: Best Bakeries in Paris

I have a very deep-rooted connection to France – and in the past have very seriously considered relocating there – using the reason that I need to get to know family on my father’s side spread across the country.  But really – it’s because I feel that I have lived a past life in Paris. Because, the moment I step out of the plane, I belong, in the most peculiar way. It could very well be that I have been there a million times over the years and I understand the geography – but I would like to think that it is truly because I am longing for that past life I am sure to have lived.

How does this relate to the best bakeries in Paris? You ask. Well, if you’ve been, or are a fan of this fair city, you would know that the foundation of it all is based upon these facts: Fashion, Food (which includes chocolate, pastries and champagne), Decor, Art, and that je ne sais quoi culture, only some of us wholeheartedly understand.

So, if you happen to have a trip planned to Paris and don’t really know how to start each day, I suggest you chart your course according to this list of bakeries:



  1. Its quite strange I too feel that I had lived there before. I visit Paris back in 2016 for the first time and instantly I felt at home. Excited like a child who was about to taste ice-cream for the first time yet knowing that I already had sometime before.

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