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Lifestyle: Four Day Workweek to Gender-Neutral Parenting

Sunday morning, although time is flying by in a blink of an eye, is one of my favorite days of the week. Where I can simply stay in bed and read, with my favorite companion curled up next to me, or get up and have a cup of coffee, while pondering life in a good way and sharing topics of interest with all of you. That’s what Sundays are for – at least for me.

Why is a four-day work week a good idea – is explained here. Do you agree?

Should we all be raising gender-neutral children in today’s world? And if you haven’t done so – have your children suffered because of your choice? Is the question I pose after you read this article

Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Kids to New Places? Is an opinion shared with one psychologist – and really it makes sense – kids process vacations different then what parents experience and there is a time and place for everything is what I have to say. Do you agree?

I love this TED podcast about REGRET – just DON”T REGRET IT. Watch and see

The healing benefits of lemongrass for those of you who believe in herbal healing


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