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Lifestyle: How We Read Into Things

My commute into work and back consists of forty-five minutes of thumbing through my phone – to find useful, helpful, or simply ‘good to know’ topics to share here on RS&S.

Now that I am older and on occasion wonder about the good old days, this article titled: “Are You Happier Than You Were in Your 20’s” struck a cord.

Depression is the number 1 ailment affecting most everyone in the world – and this article ‘What To Do When A Loved One is Severely Depressed’ explains the best course of action

A few days ago someone dating a friend of mine reached out to me on Facebook to ask my opinion about ‘How to Tell the Difference Between Healthy and Obsessive Passion’ – which scared me at first hearing her side…

And her situation got me thinking about being single and what it really means – click here to find out

And my favorite – which I knew I was right all along. “Talking To Your Pets Is a Sign of Intelligence, According to Science – High Pitch Affection Included

And if someone is asking about plans to have a baby -when you’ve decided not to – here’s what you might consider thinking and saying:


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