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Culture: Our Fiction Addiction

While lunching with a friend the other day, I asked how she spent her spare time now that her kids are off to college, and she told me – she watched Real Housewives or other shows revolving around ‘pretend reality’. Naturally I nodded, and didn’t think much of it until later that day, when I realized that most of my friends do watch and obsess reality shows – which got me wondering why some of us are drawn to such television shows or topics online and off.

In case you are wondering the same or just need to read something this Monday (insert your timezone) then consider the following to enlighten you:

BBC’s take on our fiction addiction.

Why We Get Attached to Fictional characters

Americans spend four years of their lives escaping reality according to this article in the New York post

Our obsession and need for connection to the royal family is explained in two opinions

{here and here}


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