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Lifestyle: No Carb, No Sugar Plan

April fools day, I began a lifestyle change – in terms of eating better. Meaning, I don’t want to diet, or order a meal plan to follow. I simply decided to cut out carbs and sugar as much as possible from my daily meals. I have to tell you, it is day 9 and I feel pretty determined to go on, even when I am craving sugar like nobody’s business.  I also want to report that I’ve been a little grouchy, call it having withdrawals, but I know in the long run this is going to help me. At least I hope in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Last night I was craving a fat dessert, and opted to drink two bottles of water instead. Which helped. But today, I decided to make a list of desserts that are good to keep in mind  – for the just in case.


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