Lifestyle: The Need for A Career Change

Whatever the reason, all of us, at some point or another in our lives felt/feel the need for a career change. Sometimes voluntary and other times by force. The difficulty is being able to put yourself out there with a resume that will grab the attention of a recruiter past the algorithm set to weed out – believe it or not – boring resumes and those with the least qualifications. I say boring because there is a set list of words an employer is looking for to even consider glancing over your resume, or skill set and if your CV is not vocabulary savvy, then your resume is tossed into the cyber-trash.  Sorry to be so blunt – but I’ve learned a thing or two over the years while speaking with many recruiters and human resource personnel and feel the need to pass on the information.

So to start off, this topic is an article plus illustrations about the best skills you would need to include in your resume to help get you started:

And a place to start creating that perfect resume for your job search –

And then there is four steps to choosing a new career this Spring and how to dress for an interview

I’d love to hear more suggestions and experiences or do’s and don’t.


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