Decor: What Your Front Door Color Says About You

I’ve been working with roofers, painters, and landscape artists for months, trying to revamp our family home. And because of this project, I have been to Benjamin Moore paint store more times than I want to admit, and visited countless Plant Nursery stores, although the later I absolutely consider therapy, the paint store exercise has stressed me out to no end.  Because what you see on a paper swatch and adore, sometimes isn’t the true colors on the walls.

Just so you understand I’ve been going back and forth between gray and all sorts of neutrals for the base with a creamy trim and I have come dead-stop at the front door. Because my inner artist is aching for bold red, but my attempts to blend in the neighborhood is opting for navy-ish if not black and then of course I came across this article, now leaning towards charcoal gray.  Can you sense my struggle?

Front door color meanings

Black: elegant, powerful, and prestigious

White: simple, crisp, and pristine

Gray: timeless and classic

Navy: authoritative and trustworthy

Green: calm, quiet, and soothing

Red: commanding, dynamic, and engaging

Purple: dramatic

Yellow: warm, welcoming, and optimistic

Pink Lavender: youthful and spirited

Natural stain: rustic and comforting

Any ideas you wish to share?


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