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Romantic Dinner Prepared By You

Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day is over-rated and simply too expensive and less personal. I mean the idea of sharing a romantic dinner with 50-75 other couples, all dressed up in like colors, in the past had me giggling the second my loved-one and I were ushered to our table.

I think the most romantic is making dinner for him or for her. Send the kids off to the grandparents and take the afternoon off to make the perfect dinner for the special person in your life. And if cooking is unobtainable, then order in – with a bottle of his or her favorite wine.

In case you choose to make dinner, there is a list of 25 romantic recipes to help with the process. Here’s what I’m going for. Please cross your fingers.


Steak with Drunken Mushrooms and blue-cheese mashed potatoes

Vegan chocolate custard cake

I don’t like to mix alcohol – but the plan is – start with a good bottle of wine – in this case, I’ve chosen a bottle of Chateau St. Jean 2013 and since this variation is my first try, I hope it turns out ideal.

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