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Lifestyle: Personality Traits – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I do countless hours of self-reflecting – especially after every incident, good or bad, in my life. I wonder if my handling of a situation was the best approach. Or the fact,  why is it people are intimated by me, then there are days, I feel as if I am not getting through to anyone. So I evaluate, troubleshoot, and either I come out of it disappointed in myself, or I hold my head high, positive that I did or said the right thing, even if seemingly too objective or somewhat constructive, or totally negative to others.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad one – but I found an article that defines my strong personality – or they are simply labeling it as ‘strong’ – it could very well be perceived as  a bad trait. Who knows – but I am curious to hear your opinion, especially if you experience the same things.

So here it goes –

8 Signs That You Have A Strong Personality That Might Intimidate Some People

1. You don’t let everyone into your life – What they say: When it comes to friendship, quality means everything for you. What I say: Not necessarily true, everyone should be let into our lives, until their genuinity becomes questionable and their loyalty too transparent.

2. You don’t crave attention – What they say: your personality attracts people in such a way that most who go through all those struggles to get noticed simply envy you. It’s not you, though – it’s the people around you who want someone like you to be present in their lives. What I say:  Those who envy the magnetism you have, tend to find ways to belittle you to feel better about themselves.

3. You don’t need anybody’s approval – What they say: Your strength in making decisions and following through comes from your motivation to achieve the goals you have set, not because others will like that. What I say: Communicate your ideas to those affected, and hear their concerns – valid or not to your plans – no matter how strong your character  – listening is key to any success.

4. You are repelled by ignorance, idiocy, and insensitivity  (Me: repelled is too strong of a word, but for the sake of clarification) – Them: You simply can’t stand people who are ignorant in a world full of information and who choose to be insensitive and inconsiderate when they should be careful and rational.  (Me: Almost there with the explanation, maybe this could sugar-coat it best) – Them: Your strong personality comes as a result of being thoughtful and well-informed. You don’t like to rush into irrational decisions because you always like to measure out the effect your actions will have on you and the world around you. What I say:  Insert – Disappointed, delete – repelled

5. You hate small talk – What they say: Not only do you find it a waste of time, but you simply don’t understand why people focus on staying where they are when the opportunities for growth are at every corner, in every conversation, and in every minute available.  What I say: Learn from small talk, and proceed to the grander outlook or help others define their positive. 

6. You’re a good listener – What they say:  People keep on yammering about how they want to be heard and understood – but once they come across someone like you, who knows how to listen, the tables turn. You are well aware that the more you understand people, the more terrified they become.

7. You don’t put up with excuses – What they say: You know well that if you set your mind on it, there’s no obstacle big enough that can stop you, and you know that this doesn’t make you special in any way. Everybody is capable of achieving this – the question is, do they really want to?  What I say: This is something I agree with – especially for those who repeatedly give excuses for not achieving their full potential and after several tries I realize its better to walk away then to push.

8. You’re fearless – I’ll stop here  (go here for the full article)


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