Lifestyle: Planning – Not Soon Enough

The older I get the more I rethink about retiring. Meaning to say, that when I was younger, I spoke of retirement all the time, wishing I could do it in my twenties. But that would have required me to create an app or hit the jackpot somehow to make it happen. Apps were not a thing then, and jackpots, well let’s just say, it’s a million to 1 chance.

Now that I’ve had sometime to rethink my future – I feel as though the closer I get to retirement the more I cherish working. Of course, only because I love my current job.  But believe me if that weren’t the case, where I enjoyed my day-to-day at work, I would certainly consider retiring in one of these amazing destinations.

Cascais Portugal – my first choice
This is interesting that Concord California made it to the list – not what I would have imagined having lived there a while back and not so much loving it. But who knows
Coronado Panama – beachtown under the radar is always a good idea
Killarney Ireland – Second choice hands down
Louisville Kentucky – a piece of wholesome America

Where would you retire?


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