Benefits of Drinking Tea

A few weeks ago I made a switch to tea. Let me clarify – I do this several times a year. Meaning to say I stop drinking coffee and go for the tea variation from my collection from around the globe. Some I’ve brought home from my trips abroad and others from store bought.  What I am hoping for is that I don’t relaps back to coffee by the end of the year and feel the need to once again, reset the ‘tea drinking ritual’.

This time I decided to do some research about the benefits of tea so it would help me stay on track. And  here is what I found:

  • Tea has less caffeine than coffee – which works best for anyone with hypertension.
  •  Tea contains antioxidants – which as we know is very beneficial to our functionality
  • Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke – Again something to consider for those having to deal with high blood pressure and risk of heart related diseases.
  • Tea may help protect your bones and contribute to weight loss – good to keep in mind
  • Tea may boost the immune system – and who doesn’t appreciate that?
  • Tea may reduce the risk of cancer – although not proven, it is something worth trying.
  • Herbal tea may help sooth digestive system – and I am here to say that it truly works. Instead of popping a pill to calm your stomach, try drinking chamomile or mint tea – it works wonders.

What have you found to be beneficial from drinking tea? And which tea do you recommend?

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