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Holiday Party Gift Exchange Theme

In the comings weeks all of us are destined to be involved in some sort of gift exchange among family members and friends – and/or – coworkers. And this particular activity can be not only stressful but pretty expensive. So, to make it easier on yourself to gift this year, consider setting a theme like these and more 

The Themed Exchange If you want to make everyone’s shopping a little more challenging, designate a theme that you all have to stick to. For example, it could be “Made in America,” a theme that features items from the States or it could be “Anything Blue” where you have to buy something only in that color. The good news is that you can be as tame or as whacky as you’d like. After all of the gifts are opened, vote for who you think brought the gift that best fit the theme (a prize is optional).

The Joint Gift Instead of getting each other individual gifts, why not pool your money to get something awesome? It can be something as good as a spa weekend or a fire pit for the family. The best part? Choosing something that you can all do or enjoy together.

The Philanthropic Endeavor Not everyone is as fortunate as we are, so it’s a wonderful idea to forgo your own gifts and give back. One suggestion is to all pick a name of someone in the group out of a hat. Once you’ve chosen, it’s up to you to choose a charity that is special to that person—say, the ASPCA for animal lovers—and make a donation in their name. At the “exchange,” you can all go around and share how and why you chose that cause.

Secret Snowflake There’s something still so special about a Secret Snowflake, especially when your office is large enough and the team knows how to keep a secret (yes, that’s key). To make it a little more informative, have each person fill out a tiny questionnaire about their likes and interests so their “Secret Snowflake” has some ideas. At the party, have each person guess who their Snowflake is. {more}

For budget friendly gift exchange suggestions go here, here, and here.
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