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Lifestyle: Some Things to Consider For The New Year

The resolution season is upon us, and while some share what they plan to change in the coming year, other’s still ponder, knowing the pressure is on – or is it?  Why is it that we put such pressures on ourselves – is it to fit in, or is it something we long to do – in this case, make a New Year resolution…

With that thought in mind, if you happen to be in the still-pondering stages of what you wish to change or improve upon or wonder what is the best idea, then I’m here to help…

Consider the need to slow down your life and here’s why?

Another idea is – How to stop worrying all the time

It might just be your worthwhile to be more mindful

If FALLING IN LOVE IS YOUR RESOLUTION – follow these suggestions

And my favorite – I spend a lot of time talking to my mother and other elderly women I meet here and there and you know what – they are the best source of paying attention to how life works and more


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