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Just for Fun Adult Stocking Stuffers

A year ago, I received my first Christmas stocking – stuffed with goodies. That is since I was I think eleven. And I couldn’t be more overjoyed to reach into the stocking and pull out a couple of very thoughtful gifts. So, basically, what I am here to tell you, is that stocking gifts are pretty cool even at any age. So if you haven’t consider it for your grown-up family members, then please be sure to pick up one and get busy stuffing them with these cool ideas:

Unique stocking stuffers

More suggestions

My favorites

Avocado keeper

Kale and Herb razor – hands down I would jump for joy if this item were in my stocking

Travel Stub diary – which I think is so cool – considering all the traveling I do

And here’s one for the man in your life – solid cologne for travel, after gym and just because

For the tea lover – the perfect infuser

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