Choosing Holiday Decor That Fits Your Style

Hopefully you survived Black Friday – in terms of running to the mall and trying your best to be the first to grab whatever it is that is on sale. You know, the stack of hand towels at a bargain price, or the gadget giveaways with the new smart phone or simply a two-for-one deal. I hate to admit, you wouldn’t catch me in a mall the day after Thanksgiving even if you paid me to go shopping. I prefer to sleep in or stay in bed and cuddle with my dog, or just be home, decorating for Christmas while munching on leftovers. 🙂

Did you know apparently, that putting up your Christmas decoration early is a good idea according to – read here

So, while I was explaining my vision for this year’s Christmas theme or decor to the family over Thanksgiving dinner, I realized showing them was a better idea – like these for example:

quirky Decor I actually like
Kitsch Christmas decor is the theme here
Country Christmas
Girly decor
Simple decor – minimalist
handmade crafty person’s tree decor
Glits and glam is what I am leaning towards this year

And if Garlands are you thing – of course – here’s a tutorial that may help create one at home:


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