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So You’re Incharge of Bringing Dessert or That Appetizer For Thanksgiving

Some of us are fortunate enough to get invited to that wonderful relative’s house for Thanksgiving or even a group of friends if you happen to be far away from family. The only upside or down, is having to bring either a dessert or an appetizer to contribute to one of the most important meals in the U.S. – Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s a list of suggestion for the chef and not-so-much on how to proceed:

If you are a natural born baker, by all means go here for some of the best recipes to choose from in terms of dessert and appetizers

If baking is not your thing – then consider ordering a ready made dessert from here

And if you’re curious as to what I am planning to surprise my family with for dessert this year –

Spiced Pavlova with Pumpkin Mouse


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