Fashion: Fair Isle Sweaters

I was in Scotland in March and in some boutiques I got a lesson on proper sweater and scarf buying. Mostly the history behind it, and how to tell imitation from the real thing. But being a nutty tourist that I am, I went for  two scarfs that were perfectly priced for my souvenir budget :). Although thinking some day I will return and do the proper Sweater shopping.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this article about a bit of history on Fair Isle Sweater making in Scotland and the three year wait for the product –  which I figured you’d find an interesting read on your commute home this evening or just before bedtime some happy thoughts, depending on where in the world you live.

Happy Thursday – that’s all.

Traditionally, Fair Isle knitting, a “stranded colorwork” technique used to create rows of intricate patterns, has been passed down through generations of families. But the island’s shifting demographics—from a one-time population of nearly 400 to 57 today, only half of whom have family roots there—has brought challenges to the tradition’s longevity. In the 1980s a (now defunct) co-operative was formed to pass on skills. Ventrillon, a former architect, joined when she moved to the island from London in 2007. It took four years, she said, to understand the complexity of the patterns and become a confident knitter. {more}


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