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The Latest on Health and Beauty

Being open to ideas or suggestions is a good thing – and if not – it’s a fun thing to do – to learn more about self care. I always love re-inventing myself even if I often choose simplicity in my approach, I do make efforts to add a new style or a method here and there to shake up things a bit or even to humor myself. 🙂

So, here we go – first topic  of discussion is – the list of best anti-aging oils giving you insight on how to proceed with care when it comes to your skin or face, or wrinkles

This look is exactly what I’ve been searching for – or actually what am I say – I have been supporting for years – dressing up jeans with a fancy blouse and a solid pair of flats – here’s what they say

The 90’s, not my favorite in terms of fashion, trend is making a comeback – how do you vote? Do you like the idea or think we can totally bypass

How much would you pay for socks? If you knew the benefits of socks from here. I do take my socks seriously, especially for workout, and extensive walking.  But you be the judge.

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