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Random FYI’s To Distract

Just in case you wish to avoid all things Halloween, I’ve included some fun things to keep you busy today:

I know a dozen people who are so fixed on the negative, they have forgotten how to live life to the fullest. Here’s a list of books that can apparently change your life and your thinking to become more positive.

I love the title of this articleBeing Your True Self In A Relationship is Less Important Than Being Your Best Self addressing all things in a relationship that: According to a study recently published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and highlighted by Christian Jarrett in BPS Research Digest, feeling like your most authentic self isn’t necessarily what makes the relationship feel authentic; instead, relationships are stronger and more satisfying when they make you feel like the best, most aspirational version of who you can be.

Here’s one about traveling like a millionaire for those of you who love to travel as much as I do

And The Eight Foods To Avoid Eating if you are planning to lose weight – Not sure if you agree or disagree:

The list of best anti-aging creams might enlighten you – although I have tested and tried all of them and the only one that shows the best results for my skin is Oil of Olay. But of course you are the best judge of your own skin and what works and not:

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