Healthy and Beauty: Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Recently, or as I see myself aging, I search for ways to stop or slow down the process. First consideration is always trying to maintain as peaceful a life as possible, with minimal stress and maximum time to breathe in and out, and a good night sleep.

In addition to the simple steps that my grandparents had in the past practiced, even through the toughest of times, I discovered the benefits of apple cider vinegar. The reason I am acting like I discovered it – is because I was in a store once, and while in the health food section, noticed a bottle of the ‘potion’ if you will and quickly googled it.

Sure enough, there were a few details about all the benefits one can achieve by using or consuming ACV. At first I couldn’t imagine drinking anything labeled vinegar, but after the first few sips, I got used to it. The claim, if you search online is that:

So, I’ve been drinking ACV for a few days now and in 30 I’ll have a better answer for you whether, it’s help with all that’s been claimed. While I wait for results, I would love to hear if you’ve tried the product and have had any luck or seen or felt a difference.

Otherwise, feel free to share with us the recipe for your favorite happy hour cocktail.

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