Lifestyle: Humor Circa 1955

I’ve been binge-watching the Dick Van Dyke show on Netflix – aiming to see all 5 seasons before the holiday months are upon us.  Now, if you don’t know anything about Dick Van Dyke or the show. It’s about a married couple, in this case Rob played by Dick Van Dyke and his wife Laura, (Mary Tyler Moore), as always going through struggles or just day-to-day stuff – like any other show, but this one is set in the late 50’s to early 60’s.

At times I laugh so hard, and at times I smirk at the things the men in the show say to the women   – although efforts to be sensitive to the gender’s feelings are expressed throughout, the comments are still made.  Nevertheless, those were the times, and I  laugh, taking everything said and done with a grain of salt. I’m not one to freak out over every word that comes out of every person’s mouth on any given day nor take offense on a level that I need to blast my anger across social media justifying it as my ‘freedom to speak.’ I simply listen, observe and do my best to be the better or the bigger person.   That keeps me focused.

But out of doing research for a story I’m outlining, I found this funny bit of print from 1955 titled The Good Wife’s Guide, and figured I’d share it with you here, so you can laugh a little and that is all. Don’t take offense, don’t over analyse but simply laugh and then have a glass of wine. 😉

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