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Lifestyle: Just A Little of This and That

I get it. There is just too much information out there, most of the time contradicting one another. So the best thing is, to simply read and decide for yourself if the suggestions are worth your time. Like these for example:

12 things men secretly adore about the woman they love – which I prefer to be reminded of on occasion by the man in my life. Wouldn’t you?

Here’s a good read for ya, and a prelude with a podcast from author Linda Hill herself explaining the benefits

I’ve been told often by people I love that they cannot change – and my answer is…you mean you don’t want to change, especially for the better. But apparently here’s how we can change our personality

Here’s a little background on research that is taking women’s sexual pleasure seriously – FINALLY?

One of the worst things for me is when my partner has anxiety during my most relaxed state and I am sure also when I am anxious when he is the most carefree. This is quite the problem for couples, or friends or lovers and this article touches up on the subject which most of experience at one point or another

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