Food: Simple Snacks and Much More

Snacking is a favorite thing of mine – and I am almost certain it is yours as well. Once in a while I simply consume fruit to combat the need to snack other times I consider something like these wonderful eats:

Eating Avocado is currently the best thing for you – here’s hoping they don’t contradict in a year or so.
This is my weakness – and here’s a recipe with figs and yogurt and blackberries – in my case, blueberries – I am not a fan of blackberries. But the taste is amazing
sweet potato and egg snack I gotta admit is amazing!!! AND gluten free
Halloumi (cheese) burger, with all the perfect trimmings – another gluten free I consider a snack-meal
And finally toasted seed and almond, salted date and caramel – SNACKING!!!

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