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Travel: Interesting Finds Online – Vol 16

I love the idea of being humored, or entertained, or caught of guard with information about this or that. You know what I mean?  Like when you are searching for something relevant and stumble upon something not so relevant and then you find yourself just appreciating the details or laughing about it, or even considering what is being proposed – like these:

Millennial Pink Travel Destination – makes me wonder what would happen if I go there, would they turn me away since I’m not a millennial?

Sad that California is not on the list of best places to see the full August eclipse

If you happen to love architecture like your’s truly – then consider this list of Europe’s most spectacular Art Nouveau marvels according to his article

watch the video – by clicking here

Frank Gehry Penthouse in NYC is on the market – Air BNB anyone?

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