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Travel: All About Asia

I’ve never been. Although I’ve thought about it every year – a trip to Asia (if you must know) Thailand, Singapore and Japan mostly, but I am not too keen on vaccines, long-haul flights and a certain level of struggle here and there trying to adapt or immerse.  You call me spoiled. I call myself a chicken****.

Anyway, in case you have the same fears of travelling to places that require a lot of planning and precautions, then consider this interesting podcast to put your mind at ease – since the best time to go to these destinations is coming up soon:



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  2. mapsandsneakers says

    Girl, I just came back from Thailand. Check my blog. Just go. Peoplenare lovely and it is so well-arranged when it comes to transport. I can give you some advise. Just go 😊 it so beautiful and also affordable

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