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What Had Me Thinking…

I can’t believe half the year is done with and with it, lots of unwanted changes have taken place in my life. I am hoping that the second half of the year would be more positive, and hopefully the bad streak of events are over and done with and I can start the healing and reshaping process.

Because of all the weirdness, and I know I promised I wouldn’t address them here, but I am human after all and sometimes need to just say what’s on my mind – I have been researching more topics on self-help than I have ever. Kinda like these:

The 11-minute yoga I have adapted since I’ve been taking refuge somewhere miles away from my gym

I realized on my path to self-destruction this past two months that I need to stop and take care of myself – in order to heal by body, mind and soul

I am considering going on a self-healing journey and this list offers up some of the best destinations

I disagree with this article – A Trait that predicts attractiveness and success in relationships. What do you think?

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