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Lifestyle: Where In Italy Should You Actually Live

I was on the bus the other day and while thumbing through my iPhone, I noticed an add about a book published in 2012, titled Turning Tuscan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Going Native and as you know I had to see what this is all about. I ordered the paperback and until it arrives for me to dive right into about the dream I have of living abroad somewhere, I share  with you places I have been and: Where In Italy Should you Live 🙂




Florence is a place I dream about always


Naples – all I can think about is classic films with Sophia Loren


Pisa is ancient – almost the most ancient


Turin would be where I would end up – in need of mountains, and snow


Venice would be my weekend escape – for the rest of my life


Bergamo – a touch of the city life without the hustle and bustle of Rome and Milan


  1. Evangelina says

    Give me anywhere in Italy and I would be happy. Italy just has it ALL! 😍

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