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Food: For The Love of Trader Joe’s Quick Meals

I used to dread grocery shopping before Trader Joe opened up in my neighborhood because I craved all things organic but couldn’t find it at my local grocery store.  Now I look forward to my grocery shopping day – Sunday early morning – when all the items are neatly stacked and the store is near empty of all the madness that usually happens mid afternoon to early evening.

There isn’t much that’s changed in their products, and I couldn’t be happier buying everything organic and putting my meals together every day from scratch. But once in a while I don’t mind a quick pre-packaged option I keep handy for those days I factor in working out after work, or perhaps an errand I need to run. So I was glad to stumble upon these ideas just as well to add to my selection:


The hubs hates hot spicy food, so I usually tone it down with spice for the chicken wings


Shrimp tacos such a instant treat


A Staple in my home – Butternut Squash soup + an added flavor or two


yes please – one of the best ravioli options I have ever tried from the frozen section – sprinkled with olive oil and parmesan cheese – a favorite of ours


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