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Travel: London Eats While On Vacation or Anytime

A good friend of mine moved to the UK a few months ago, and ever since I’ve been trying to recruit her to become a guest writer on this very site of mine that I love so much. She’s thinking – she’s told me, and after 3 months I realize I am not going to hold my breath.

Now although she lives a few hours outside of London, she frequents one of my favorite metropolitan cities quite often – on weekends – and with my recommendations has been testing out the following eateries (which I cannot wait to try when I visit her). In the meantime I am taking her word for the fact that what I think would be worth a try, she is liking every bite of it (nudge nudge).

So, just in case you happen to be visiting this fair city, in a country on the brink of making some of the most drastic changes since the EU was  originally formed decades or a century ago depending on how you look at it, then by all means leave the politics out, and do try the following recommendations:


If burgers is what you’re craving – then click the photo to find the nearest location to where it is you are staying or perhaps its worth your while to take the tube to the very locations


The Chipping Forecast – Notting Hill – naturally my favorite neighborhood since the film with the very name. I would most certainly make a conscious effort to go there for supper


I love the menu cover, for FarmacyLondon, and I am an advocate for healthy eating. So she gave this place  a thumbs up even if she isn’t as healthy of an eater as I am. Click photo for website

{Click here for photo credit for FarmacyLondon}


Stylish and perfect, the locale and the eats. Click photo for menu


Prawn On The Lawn – for a girl from the city (San Francisco) built on seafood. Another thumbs up from my ex pat friend


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