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Random: I Love It When Learning Never Stops

Strange title for a blog entry you say? Well, this morning while commuting to my day job (haha-see the pun?) I was as usual going through the things I needed to focus on/get accomplished today. Like any other day, my brain is a rolodex filled with things, and I spend the thirty minutes commuting into work, shuffling  the deck in the order I want to work through those things. Unless of course something unexpected happens the night before, requiring me to drop that deck and tend to the whatever….case in most important point-a sick doggy.

I reminded myself this morning, that I never stop learning something new every day, even if it’s an old thing, it is a new learned thing. The most influential learnings for me, come from my dog, my hubs, my extended family, and believe it or not from my co-workers.  Who without being aware, manage to teach me about the most interesting of things – about character, values, virtues,  and other matters that make up this  unstable  world of ours.

Which has set the tone for my next novel, aiming for mid-2017 release.

See how that happened? You just learned something new…

What have you learned about recently that  has surprised you the most? Do tell.

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