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Travel: What Is It About Magical Places?

Ever since Alice in Wonderland, I’ve imagined all of my travels to be magical, or at least to magical destinations. And although I consider Italy very magical, these places according to BBC Travel take the cake.

Unless you can share with us places not mentioned here, worth a mention right here at rawsilkandsaffron.


(Credit: Anna Stowe Landscapes UK/Alamy


Buttermere Lake in Cumbria (Credit: JPagetRMphotos/Alamy)


The Faroe Islands’ Lake Sørvágsvatn, or Leitisvatn, tricks the eye (Credit: Jan Egil Kristiansen)


Vagar Island is full of dramatic lakes, waterfalls and cliffs (Credit: Adam Burtn/Alamy)


top of Preikestolen in Norway (Credit: Anton Sokolov/iStock


The wacky, warped Krzywy Domek (Credit: James Freeman/Alamy)

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