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Art: Selfie Sketch After A Busy Weekend

On Sunday I needed to simply unwind after the busy Friday evening holiday party I hosted/coordinated for 200 guests. The venue Sir Francis Drake – San Francisco.

The party was very successful, and the entire evening I was asked to partake in selfies. Which I am not a fan of since I don’t consider myself very photogenic, nor  an expert in taking successful selfies.

Anyway, on Saturday it was the same selfie nightmare.  I went for my Super Bowl host training program at the Masonic Center Nob Hill  and one of the exercises was taking a selfie and posting the picture on the Superbowl50 site, as well as hashtag-ing it on Facebook. I did neither for the same reasons.

On Sunday, after household chores and grocery shopping, I decided to play with the  new toys I received for Christmas. An entire artists attache (case) from Restoration Hardware, plus a box of crayons, and coloring pencils, watercolors and sketch pads -I suppose someone wants me to reconnect with a hobby I had years ago  – drawing.


So while goofing around, waiting for the Golden Globe ceremony to start at 3PST,  I decided to sketch myself, and one thing led to the next, and so there you have ladies and gentleman, a “selfie” sketch of myself:

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