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At The Start of A New Year…


My color for 2016 – Is tea-rose Pink


So much is going on, and in a way I like it. I enjoy busy. A calendar full of events and chores and such, taking up most of January for me.

We are starting the new year with a company party, happening this Friday in the city of course, at an old classic hotel near Union Square. Details of which I will mention after the fact.

I’ve been busy with the last-minute details, play coordinator-host to a 200 plus gathering of co-workers. The program for the evening cocktails, dinner, raffled gifts and dancing. This is the only time I get to see my co-workers in formal attire. Normally at a software dev company in San Francisco jeans is the norm, a Giant’s cap if you happen to be  a fan, and a funky T-shirt expressing something not offensive to anyone.

Saturday I begin my training for the Superbowl 50 volunteer program. Yes, I have volunteered to work during the weeks leading to and including the Superbowl.  San Francisco as you may know plays host to this traditional event, and I have written some helpful hints here just in case you plan to come to this wonderful city. Honestly,  I cannot wait to see what the city will look like two weeks from now.

There is also lots going on with Rawsilkandsaffron. Call it re-organizing the blog.  I will be introducing some new activity for your viewing pleasure. As well as continue the most appreciated posts. Travel and Fashion. Who knows maybe I will get the nerve to show my face here and there – well, mostly here. There is also my author side, where I have a new book coming out late spring. The details for that bit of news is here.

Films, I keep in a separate blog here. And because of my busy January schedule, I will not be able to attend the events surrounding the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, airing on television live on January 10 at 5p.m. PST. But I will talk about the films and red carpet in the coming days here.

So, lets roll up our sleeves and get this month going!  My part is to provide you with entertainment, and your part, if you haven’t subscribed to your’s truly, is to please do so here by clicking the subscribe button to the right, or going to MLKilian and doing the same there, or blotbuzz and, well you know the drill. Facebook, Twitter, anywhere.  I’d love to stay connected.

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