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Travel: Visual Break – Cities That Do Christmas Best

I figured we all need a mental break, from stressing over what to get the loved ones. It’s funny, I got out of the house yesterday even though  I said I wouldn’t, and roamed the malls, Stanford Shopping Mall to be exact. And there I people watched, trying to figure out the choice of their gifts. I loved the perfume counter, men hovering over the perfume, and selecting something from the list their significant others provided them. And then there was Banana Republic, luring customers to buy a piece of clothing at 50pct off, but only one item, the rest would be 40pct off. Interesting marketing.  Williams-Sonoma was my favorite, the best holiday gift – a Nespresso Machine at a deep discount of 30pct – I hadn’t seen such a price anywhere else.

I needed a visual break – and what better way then to think travel-Conde Nest Traveler 14 cities that do the best Christmas.  I don’t know if the list is complete, but for now it will do.  And I really think they needed to add England, and Connecticut just to name a few.

Check out my favorites:


Strasbourg, France


Quebec, Canada


Aurora Borealis Lapland, Finland


Rome, italy

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