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A Note From the Author of Rawsilkandsaffron

I started blogging in 2006. At the time it was a trendy online place of my own where I could jot down everything that was going through my mind about life, family, work, society, religion, politics and even films. I realized after a handful of posts  that talking about what was bothering me wasn’t how I wanted to spend my time writing. It was bringing me down, and even though there were many followers,  at the end of the day I simply didn’t feel good. So I turned to happy topics, ones  that make me feel amazing and positive even if there are days I just want to hide somewhere and cry my heart out.  Call it the best therapy-blogging.

What I did was shift my blog on Blogspot to films, and the ones on Wordpress, well, to Rawsilkandsaffron,  and my author blog MLKilian.  All of them fun topics. I still have the blog where I write down what ails me,  but I keep that one private and  limit those entries to only once in a blue moon. It works best that way…

Otherwise, if you were to ask me today what was going through my mind, I’d sum it up like this:

Wedding planning 30 days remaining and counting, mourning the loss of a family member recently, and the impact his existence had on our family, the overwhelming volume of work piled on my desk or rather in my email/inbox daily all of it a priority,  my aging mother I think about always , money, traffic and constant detours, the cost of living in San Francisco and planning for the future-near and far, and my very old dog, just to name a few.  So you see,  blogging is a cure I’ve found.  That’s all I have to say today. Sorry if I brought you down.

{photo is the property of rawsilkandsaffron-I took while walking along the coast in San Francisco}

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