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healthy eats: lentil, yogurt and prosciutto

Some night, well mostly Friday nights, I prefer an array of appetizer-sort eats  paired with a bottle of my favorite cab, than a full meal. It’s my way of winding down.

I pick a film or two on Netflix, organize the appetizers and uncork the bottle…and I have to tell you I couldn’t ask for a better evening.

Here’s a recipe of one appetizer I have put together way before finding it online. Except, I keep the yogurt in a separate bowl, drizzle it with olive oil and mint, the prosciutto on a platter with olives and cheese, and the lentil I buy pre-cooked, and shrink-wrapped from Trader Joe, seasoning it exactly as it says here. It’s funny how great chefs think alike. 🙂

How do you wind down?
What is your favorite fun appetizer recipe?


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