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lisbon on my way to a book promo tour


View from our hotel in Lisbon 5a.m.


I will explain the book promo tour later. But for now, let’s talk about Lisbon.

I started out with planning a trip to promote my books, mostly at the BEA- Book Expo America happening the end of May. I figured if I was going to take a trip to the East Coast, I may as well cross the pond and promote my novels in a few places in Europe also, ending up at the BEA. The tour got creative just like anything else I do. I went from a simple tour for work, and ended up including a few days to play here and there.

First stop, Portugal. I’ve never been. Not sure why, I asked myself all the way to catch my flight, and then I arrived in Lisbon, thinking – what took me so long:

I’ve realized the older I get the more I want someone else to worry about travel details. I mean past the planning, organizing and getting to a destination. I just don’t want to struggle with airport transfers and worry about finding my hotel in a place I haven’t been.  So, I went with Blacklane, a company which provides  luxury airport transfers. I figured I’d earned it as an avid traveller to do something nice for myself. And I have to tell you it was very nice to see a chauffeur holding a sign with your name, waiting just outside of baggage claim. It was wonderful. It added to the celebrity 🙂 of this entire trip.

Jorge, he introduced himself, a handsome gentleman in his 40s, dressed the part, in black tie, black suit, pressed white shirt. He spoke perfect English, although apologized for experiencing the worst allergy in his life-he said. I loved it. Loved the humor in his approach.

We got to talking, about Lisbon naturally, eventually learning he is married to an American woman from Seattle. Exciting for her to live in such a beautiful place, I voiced. He told me she goes home five months out of the year to work. I neglected to ask what type of works she did. He gave us a brief tour of the main part of the city, explaining to us all of the places we should visit in the next three days.

So, we are here, ready for the adventure. We actually walked through the ancient almost modern part of town to get acclimated, figuring out the Metro, the inter-country train, and another one which takes you to the suburbs-of course all of it, I will be experiencing in the next few days.

We had Italian for dinner, although Jorge suggested seafood, which we plan to leave for another day. We had coffee, espresso of course, delicious I have to say, and tasted the famous custard the locals are proud of. So far everyone has been nice, very nice in fact, and when they discover  we are from the US, they announce they have relatives living somewhere, mostly expressing how much they love New York. 🙂

Stay tuned…

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