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friday’s five interesting finds online – vol. 2

We are definitely on information overload. So much so, that we can’t keep up with everything we see, read, or even consider learning from things popping up, flashing, and rotating on the computer screen anytime we log in to get online.

This week, these five things stuck in my mind:

1. A Ghost town in suburban Paris. The story of how an airport was forced to buy a town by a decree, and was instructed to upkeep it. Here’s the article:


2. Stanford University decided parents making less than 125K a year will not have to pay their child’s tuition. Read the article here:


3. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is closed for renovation. But don’t worry the city has made sure you have an opportunity to toss a coin no less. See the video here:

4. Siena, Italy, Duomo of Sienna, an incredible church I visited a few years back, the floors were covered. This year in July 2015 for the expo, they will be uncovering the floors. What a site to see I am sure. Here is the article:


5. Architecture and Design. My favorite topics and one I follow religiously online. So if you are interested May 4, 2015, the winner of the best architecture will be announced. Here is the article:


Enjoy your weekend everybody!!!

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