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paris and san francisco deli in common

There are a few eateries I frequent in San Francisco, and in Paris when I spend a few weeks escaping each year.  So, I am glad to report that I’ve discovered something that’s been around in Paris for a while, reminding  me of my favorite deli in San Francisco. I will check it out when I go there this year, and decide for myself if it’s just as good or maybe even better:


Paris: Freddie’s Deli. Read articles here, here, and here about the establishment since the website doesn’t seem to be working well. I can’t wait to try it out. In the meantime, I will head over to my favorite deli in San Francisco.


deli board


San Francisco: The Deliboard, and I’ll let their website speak for itself. Here’s the secret, arrive at eleven on a weekday, just to beat the lunch hour rush. The lines are out the door, and nearly around the block on some days.



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